Hot Cayman football matchup set for weekend

By all accounts the George Town versus Scholars clash this weekend should be a sizzling affair and all of what fans expect of these leading teams.

Both teams are chockfull of confidence that their squads have been working on the right strategy for this fixture, which kicks off at 1:30 p.m., at the T.E. McField ‘Annex’ venue on Sunday.

Coach Antonio Smith, who heads up Scholars International’s program, admits that George Town is a ‘strong team’ but said he is adjusting the style of his boys to overcome play of the city team. George Town on the other hand thinks that with their side on a winning streak of two wins in the last two games, the squad is motivated and can take on whatever Scholars has to offer. Another reason George Town is a team to watch is that they have netted the ball 11 times in those two victories.

Holding seven points, Scholars leads the bunch of teams set to play this weekend, and with two wins out of three games this West Bay side isn’t too bothered about George Town’s stimulation by the past wins.

Coach Antonio made it clear that fans can look forward to a good competitive game this weekend and they should expect to see ‘the real Scholars play’ against George Town. Fans should expect a super performance when these arch rivals clash.

FC International is also facing off with North Side on Sunday November 20th at 3:30 p.m. at the North Side ground. This match will be on fire as both teams have only won one game thus far in the season.

FC International has played three games and made five goals, wining one game whereas North Side has played four games and scored four goals wining one game as well. These teams are both at a four point tie and will be eager to prevail on Sunday.

There are six games scheduled for this weekend, and aside from the clash of the traditional opponents, fans can expect good action in the other fixtures.

For those teams playing this weekend Scholars leads the pack with seven points from three matches, winning two, drawing one and scoring four goals. George Town follows closely with six points from two games, having won both encounters and scoring 11 goals.

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