CCTV a possible police tool

Speed camera and Closed Circuit Television equipment could soon become high-tech allies of the RCIP in the effort to catch offenders if Commissioner of Police Stuart Kernohan has his way.

Such technology is a cost effective method of policing, he said recently.

At a Bodden Town public meeting last week, Mr. Kernohan said Cayman was at the stage that he saw 10 years ago in the UK with regard to crime.

Crime figures were reduced by 60 per cent in some areas of the UK after the use of CCTV and other remote enforcement technology, he said.

With the equipment Mr. Kernohan said one person could monitor nine or 10 streets at the same time.

Mr. Kernohan said he was a great supporter of speed cameras, particularly in ‘hot spot’ areas.

‘It’s a massively efficient road safety tool,’ he said in a recent interview.

The use of speed cameras almost guaranteed that motorists reduced speeds in those areas, he said at the Bodden Town meeting.

Traffic light cameras will reduce the number of motorists running red lights.

With the use of such equipment, a privacy issue arises, Mr. Kernohan said.

Because it can be controversial in that way, Mr. Kernohan said he would have to have the blessing of the Cabinet before he would implement remote enforcement technology.

Even if the technology were to be used, Mr. Kernohan stressed to attendees of the Bodden Town public meeting that police officers would still be expected to put in plenty of good old-fashioned legwork.

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