Hot matches set for this weekend

The main event this weekend in Cayman’s football will be a spar between Future and Latinos at the Annex ground Sunday November 27th at 3:30pm.

Both Squads are hard-hitting on the field and this clash would make for some exciting play, as going into the 6th week of the season these two teams are at the same scoring level with two wins and seven goals each.

Coach Roy ‘Huta’ Ebanks of Future is well aware that Latinos are the defending Champions which would make for what he describes as ‘quite an interesting game’.

Latinos Coach, Juan Rives, said that they are making no special preparations for this weekend. They will try to do things they need to do and will continue to do what they have been doing thus far in the season. Latinos does agree that there are some weaknesses in their team but that will not hold them back from playing a stimulating game on Sunday.

Coach ‘Huta’ admits that his team is made up of many young ‘enthusiastic’ players but is adamant that by implementing the fundamentals of the game they should play a well-rounded match.

While on the other hand, ‘Have to win’ is the position in which Coach Rives sees his team, and he said that victory is what Latinos fans are to expect this weekend. Being the defending champions there is a little more pressure for the players but they are using the same strategies they have been using all along, he added.

Meanwhile, the boys from Money Express are proving to be very strong so far this season. Leading all teams with 10 points and winning three games out of four, they seem to be on a roll. On this weekend’s fixture they are coming up against Bodden Town which has not been doing as well as Money Express but are combating to stay on target with other teams.

All in all this match will prove to be interesting as Money Express will want to preserve their winning streak and Bodden Town need to earn a few more points.

Six Foster’s National League games are scheduled for this weekend:

• Academy vs. Scholars clash kicks off at the Annex Playing field at 1:30pm Saturday;

• Also on Saturday Roma takes on Northside at 3:30pm at the Annex ground;

• East End vs. Sunset is scheduled for Sunday at 1:30 pm at Bodden Town;

• Tigers comes up against Georgetown at 1:30pm at the Annex Sunday;

• Bodden Town vs. Money Express kicks off at Bodden Town Sunday at 3:30pm;

• And the Latinos battle against Future is scheduled to kick off at 3:30pm at the Annex Sunday.

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