Traffic light a no go

A broken signal at the intersection of Godfrey Nixon Way and Eastern Avenue in George Town will continue to affect traffic for about five more days.

Edward Howard, deputy managing director at the National Roads Authority, explained the problem.

‘The computer controller is malfunctioning and a new part needs to be flown in from Orlando. It will have to be reprogrammed once it gets here,’ Mr. Howard said.

He expects the part to arrive within four to five days. The reprogramming can be done the same day the part arrives.

The signal has been broken for about a week.

Meanwhile, drivers going through the intersection need to exercise caution.

‘What we tell people is that when a light is out, it functions as a three- or four-way stop.

‘Everybody has to stop. Each person gets a turn,’ Mr. Howard said.

Chief Inspector George Watson of the traffic department of the Royal Cayman Islands Police explained that if drivers see an amber light, it means the signal is not working.

‘Drivers should approach the light with caution and treat it like a three-way stop,’ Mr. Watson said.

In the absence of a police presence at the intersection, the NRA is putting up signs warning drivers to treat it as a three-way stop.

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