Sunset to clash with Money Express

The Sunset vs. Money Express clash at the Annex is shaping up to be the headline fixture for the six steaming matches scheduled for this weekend.

The Sunset boys are coming off a 4 -1 win over East End last weekend, and will want to stay on top of their game. Meanwhile, Money Express players are also perking after a 4-0 win over Bodden Town, making the Saturday 1:30pm kick off something that fans will not want to miss. Sunset’s coach assistant Ian Lomas describes this clash as ‘our first real test of the season’. Content with the current style of play, he says they are not changing training techniques for this game. In spite of a few injury concerns, Ian is adamant that Sunset has no weaknesses and is looking forward to some exciting play this weekend. Money Express players have their ‘special techniques’ and will be fully prepared come this weekend said Athelston Watts, the manager. If there is a weakness in the Money Express line-up it could be that the side is short on players, but manager Athelston is certain that team spirit will ensure they play their best as usual. He sees no reason why the team should not play a ‘Money Express game’. Fans should also keep an eye out for the Roma vs. Bodden Town match as the eastern district side is lying low on the points table and has much to prove. Roma, on the other hand, will want to strike a winning form after edging Northside last Saturday.

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