Cruise ship tender missing

The strange disappearance of a local company’s 45ft tender boat – later allegedly spotted heading towards Honduras – is being probed by police.

The aluminium hulled Carib Wave, usually used to transport as many as 90 visiting cruise ship passenger to and from their vessels, was reported missing from its South Sound moorings on Sunday morning.

Caribbean Marine Services manager Andrew Pearson said police were informed and an extensive sea search was made without success.

But some time later he had received word that the boat – apparently on its way to Honduras – had been spotted about 120 miles south west of Grand Cayman after it allegedly sent out a distress signal.

It was reported that a cargo ship had responded and given the three men, one woman and 12-year-old child, and who all gave their names as Ebanks, supplies.

Mr. Pearson said he did not know the nationality of the people on board.

However, last Friday a group of almost 40 Cuban migrants arrived off North West Point in West Bay. Most e are still being held here but 10 had decided to continue their journey and had not been sighted since.

And there was now speculation that some of those may be behind the disappearance of the tender.

Police are investigating the incident and Mr. Pearson Thursday said that alerts had been raised in Central America for people to be on the lookout for the missing vessel.

He said the company’s operation had not been hurt by the boat being taken because they had brought in a fibre glass replacement.

But nevertheless the company would obviously prefer to have the aluminium one back, he stressed.

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