Suggestions for new commissioner

Since the new Commissioner of Police, Mr. Kernohan, has taken office it is easy to see the drastic steps that are being taken to control crime, traffic offences, drugs, etc. and I want to publicly commend Mr. Kernohan and his officers for doing the job now that was needed to be done a long time ago.

Several weeks ago, people were abusing the road laws by using the turning lane as an overtaking lane, however, I have noticed that this has suddenly changed and I credit this to the vigilance of the police and I do hope that their presence will get even stronger to control what is commonly referred to as road hogs.

While commending the police on doing such a good job I would be remiss if I did not mention that there is a dire need for the control of the pedestrian crossings at the cruise ship terminals. This is a very important aspect of safety that is not being addressed and sooner or later the accident that is waiting to happen will happen.

I implore Mr. Kernohan to take the necessary steps to control these areas for the good of pedestrians and motor vehicle traffic alike.

Norberg K. Thompson

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