Strange set of values

Help me understand this.

It is wrong to drink alcohol during a late-hour celebration of New Year’s, but God won’t mind our ripping his dolphins away from their families and sticking them into small pens so we can make lots of money.

God won’t mind the fact that these dolphins die prematurely when they are thus abused because making money justifies it?

Explain to me how this can be reconciled with this nation’s beliefs in God’s directives to take care of our world and the creatures in it.

These creatures are sensitive. They take care of their families. They protect each other and they live in the type of harmony with their surroundings that I am sure God had intended us to do as well.

Instead we are going to enclose these incredible beings in such a tiny space that they become despondent. They must perform tricks so they can eat. Their echolocation slams back into their heads from the nearby enclosures and they are isolated from their loved ones. Their faces are permanently contorted to look like a happy grin.

These neither are not long-domesticated animals nor are they dumb enough to tolerate their capture without mental anguish.

They are wild, they are intelligent and they do not belong in such tiny, tiny ponds. I cannot offer God a good enough reason when I ask for His forgiveness for this abuse to His creatures that brought us no harm.

What justifies this action?

What reason could be good enough?

MONEY! But money isn’t a good enough reason to drink at midnight. What a strange set of values!

Cathy Church

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