Immigration steps up service

When it comes to dealing with its customers Cayman’s Immigration Department has a new, improved system in place that is proving to be just the ticket.

Forget shuffling in line and sometimes waiting more than an hour to be dealt with.

People calling at the department can now sit in comfort and even watch television while often waiting less than 15 minutes to be called to the counter to be dealt with.

Customers are now given a ticket when they arrive and then wait a short time to be called forward by the automatic Q-Matic system, which is believed to be new to the island.

The new system – which started operation just a few months ago – replaced one that had been in place for many years and which sometimes led to frustration and bad tempers.

‘Our customer service has improved 100 per cent,’ said the department’s Tara Ebanks.

‘When people had to wait a long time it often led to a more complaining attitude.

‘Now everyone is more pleasant and we find people complimenting us on our service and on how nice it is to have a seat,’ she said.

‘It’s more pleasant for the staff because the customer is more pleasant. There is a better rapport on both sides,’ she added.

And with increasing demands on the Immigration Department that often means they are dealing with 800 people in a day, anything that can help the flow is more than welcome.

‘We are faster and more efficient. We can handle more customers with the same amount of staff,’ said Miss Ebanks.

‘We are very pleased with the new system. It has improved our image and we get compliments on a daily basis on the service,’ she said.

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