Police urge motorists not drink and drive

Police are urging motorists not to try and guess how many drinks it might be safe to have over Christmas.

‘Even one drink can impair someone’s driving,’ RCIP Deputy Commissioner Rudi Dixon told the Caymanian Compass on Monday.

‘My advice is if you drink don’t drive at all,’ he stressed.

A warning has already been issued that police will be stopping hundreds of drivers on the roads over the holiday period.

‘So if you drink and drive, the chances are you will be caught,’ said Mr. Dixon.

Those who do drink are being urged to use the free transportation being offered at nightclubs or to have a designated driver.

‘It’s not just a case of being under the legal limit or not,’ Mr. Dixon told the Compass.

‘Even one drink can impair your performance behind the wheel,’ he said.

And the ‘don’t drink and drive’ message is being underlined by the Cayman Islands Road Safety Advisory Council (CIRSAC).

The group has just launched the sixth year of its Don’t Drink and Drive Campaign with the circulation of 20,000 wallet size cards, 500 posters and 250 tourist flyers detailing the 24-hour taxi operators in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac.

‘CIRSAC wants everyone to know that the safety of every road user is our concern throughout the year and especially at this festive time,’ said CIRSAC president Aileen Samuel.

People have seen a marked improvement in police activity on the roads, she said.

And although that might not please some, at the end of the day everyone had to abide by the rules of the road, she added.

In the light of a recent serious accident in which a number of people being carried on a truck were injured, she also urged people not to be tempted to carry passengers, and especially children, in such fashion.

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