Bail granted pending appeal

The woman who was sentenced to prison after rejecting probation has been granted bail pending appeal.

Defence Attorney Nicholas Dixey confirmed that his application for bail had been successful last Friday afternoon.

On Friday morning, Yamalis Ebanks, 21, had been sentenced to six weeks imprisonment for theft and forgery. The sentence was imposed after she did not agree to being placed on probation because of a stringent curfew condition (Caymanian Compass, 20 December).

A jury convicted Ebanks of stealing $200 from her employer and forging a name on a debit card receipt.

Mr. Dixey had submitted that the relatively small amount did not warrant a prison sentence, especially since this was Ebanks’ first conviction.

The judge said the sentence was meant to deter such breach of trust offences.

Both the convictions and sentence are being appealed.

It is understood that Ebanks spent several hours in custody awaiting the outcome of the appeal.

The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal does not sit again until April.

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