Rat patrol in WB

The Department of Environmental Health begins a comprehensive rodent control programme in the West Bay community on Tuesday 3 January. Over a one week period DEH officers will work to reduce the rat population in the community by setting rat baits around residences and other locations which may breed and harbour the rodents.

Officers will be baiting residences in the following locations: Mt. Pleasant, Elizabeth St., Watercourse Road, Boatswain Bay, Church St, North West Point Road, Birch Tree Hill Road and Fountain Road.

DEH warns residents with children and pets to be aware of the presence of rat baits in their neighbourhood and to prevent their loved ones from interfering with the baits. Rat baits are usually placed around the premises in strategic areas and is easily identified as bluish-green blocks. Parents should take precaution and warn their children not to interfere with the baits or any dead rats as they can cause adverse health effects. Pets should also be secured.

The DEH is also asking the residents to do their part by preventing harbourage and food areas around their properties and in the community.

The DEH will not bait premises if no one is at home but will leave information asking the householder to call the office to make an appointment. It would be best if this arrangement can all be done in the same week of the proposed baiting.

The department is requesting the West Bay community’s cooperation in allowing DEH officers access to their properties and private residences in order to set the baits on the exterior of their properties as a part of their island-wide rodent control programmes.

Residents can identify DEH officers by their government identification and uniforms.

If members of the public have any questions about the rodent control programme they can contact the DEH at 949-6696.