More on visa murmur

I don’t understand why most people are stressing themselves out when it comes to this visa requirement when the requirements are in place to protect our islands’ borders.

This is not direct discrimination, but rather indirect.

The requirements do not point at one country, but it joins the others on the list. Not to mention that Guatemala, Costa Rica and two other countries were also taken off the exempt listing mentioned in the Immigration Regulations 2004 Section 21 (1) (b).

The Immigration directions, regulations and laws were in place a long time ago explaining the way that a person could be refused entry to the Cayman Islands. It would be best for the public to be versed in these three items mentioned in this paragraph.

The persons who are in favour of the visa are law-abiding residents, born Caymanians and status holders.

They are thinking about their children’s futures and the care of the country’s borders; the overall future of the Cayman Islands with no racism or discrimination.

The who aren’t in favour of visas are those who do not care about Cayman as long as they can make money; cannot comply with the requirements; who believe the country is not important to secure; who want to destroy the Cayman heritage and implement their own; and those who believe in direct discrimination.

If the requirements are fulfilled and the person has no conviction then there is nothing to worry about bearing in mind that the person who this will affect is the one that does not have all the answers to the rules.

It is sad in a way that this visa issue had to be implemented, but it is for the security and safety because of fear in the community.

Every country depends on each other one in the world but something is given back in return to the dependent. One country does not owe the other because of what had transpired over the years.

We can still have good relationships with countries that need visas to enter the Cayman Islands.

Caymanians have to obtain a visa to visit the United States. When USA implements its measures, countries have to abide or else citizens will not enter its borders.

The way in which the visa system was brought up has nothing to do with how it was implemented.

Remember there was/is a disaster, curfews were implemented and all residents, tourists and Caymanians had to abide by the law.

Therefore, what is the problem with the implementation of the visa system to more than 100 countries? Where are the other countries that have to abide by the system? Are they crying out and objecting to the rules of the day? I do not hear them at all.

Although we have freedom of speech in the Cayman Islands, many individuals go as far as to dictate which is not a complement but an insult.

Permission is being granted either for a time to visit, reside or become a part of the Caymanian people.

If there is an oath or swearing in procedure about the status and residency holders, I am sure that there is something that says you will abide with the laws of the Cayman Islands.

If there it not, perhaps this should also be implemented as a requirement to this cause.

Let us stop fussing and try to turn things around to possibly suit everyone because it is highly impossible to do.

We have to move on with other important matters for this, our beloved Cayman Islands.

Therefore, leave the Government alone and let them do their work.

One day we will be thanking them for this foreseeable venture just like when Dr. Roy and others withdrew from Jamaica prior to its independence.

They foresee the future for these Islands and many, many of us thank them up to this day, as we did not have to take down the Union Jack.

Let us all who reside here be optimistic then everyone will reap the benefit of the good.

Philip N. Stewart Sr.