Cayman Prep hires security

Cayman Prep and High School has hired a security guard to help prevent unauthorized entry to the high school compound.

The private high school is next to John Gray High School, a government school that has had several security problems of late and was tagged with graffiti by the youth arm of a local gang, according to Minister of Education Alden McLaughlin.

In a letter sent to parents on Monday, Cayman Prep and High Principal Jean Bahadur said there was a growing problem of students from other high schools congregating at Cayman Prep High School.

Mrs. Bahadur was reported to have been telling students from other schools to leave the premises last Friday.

‘Some have been extremely rude and disrespectful when teachers advise them that our insurance policy may not cover them in the case of possible accident or injury,’ Mrs. Bahadur wrote in the letter.

She did not specifically state in the newsletter that the offending students were from John Gray High School.

A recent PTA survey indicated that most of the Cayman Prep High School parents believed their children were safe at school, but Mrs. Bahadur said parents had also expressed concern.

As a result, a security guard will be on duty at the school from 7am to 8.30am and again from 2.30pm to 4.30pm.

‘He will help with the flow of traffic and prevent unauthorized entry to the school compound,’ Mrs. Bahadur wrote.

Cayman Prep High School parents have been advised that if they also pick up students from other schools, those students will have to wait outside the compound.

‘Our students will also not be allowed to leave the compound after they have been dropped off on mornings or after school on afternoons, until parents collect them,’ the letter stated.

Mrs. Bahadur apologized on behalf of the school for the short notice of the changes.

‘But in light of recent incidents, we know that you will agree that the continued safety of our students has to be our prime concern.’

On another issue, Mrs. Bahadur said the school commended Minister of Education Alden McLaughlin on his firm stand with regard to school uniforms and noted that many of the Cayman Prep and High students breach that school’s uniform regulations.

Mrs. Bahadur said that after the half-term break, parents would be asked to collect students who are not wearing the correct school uniform.

Mr. McLaughlin has stated his desire to initiate a dress code policy for students of government schools at the beginning of the next school year.