Mission House being rebuilt

Work is under way to rebuild the Mission House in Bodden Town.

Local contractor Boosie Arch Builders has been hired to restore the historic site, which was flattened by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.

Jonathan Jackson is overseeing the project, which comes under auspices of the National Trust for the Cayman Islands.

Funding for the first phase of the work has been donated by a number of private-sector businesses and individuals but additional funding will be sought to see the project to completion, said a press release from the Trust.

Seth ‘Boosie’ Arch once lived in the Mission House and has not only an intimate knowledge of the building but also many years experience restoring historic buildings. Mr. Arch and a team of volunteers have already sorted and salvaged the useable materials from the collapsed building and will incorporate as many of the original materials as possible including the old Cayman Mahogany staircase.

Other materials such as Ironwood posts have been salvaged from other demolished structures and will also be used where possible, the release said.

Mr. Arch had been hired on 9 September 2004 to begin restoration of the Mission House just three days before it fell victim to Hurricane Ivan.

Project Manager Jonathan Jackson of Heritage Holdings Ltd. brings a background of architectural and project management experience. Mr. Jackson is also very familiar with the Mission House having drawn the original specification plans as an architect with the Public Works Department some years ago. Mr. Jackson is presently the project manager for the Countryside shopping development in Newlands.

A site visit and groundbreaking with members and staff of the Trust and representatives of Boosie Arch Builders is planned for today.

The restoration work is expected to be completed by August when a formal affair will take place that includes recognition of all persons involved in the project over the past year.