PI burglary investigation continues

Police are hoping for a breakthrough in the Patrick’s Island aggravated burglary case after sending forensic samples to the UK for analysis.

The delivery of the samples to the Forensic Science Service is part of the RCIP’s continued effort to track down those responsible for an offence that startled the country.

On an afternoon back in September last year, two gun-toting intruders forced their way into a house in Patrick’s Island.

The raid left two women – who were inside the house with a number of children – terrified and sent a security scare through top government circles.

Watches and gold chains were taken from the victims before the robbers made their getaway.

But police later said there was some evidence to suspect that the offenders had been intending to rob a high ranking government official living nearby.

‘This was a particularly worrying offence committed against members of our community and their young children,’ said RCIP Commissioner Stuart Kernohan.

‘An offence of this magnitude will always be of great concern to the police and public.

‘We are continuing to follow all possible lines of enquiry to solve this case,’ said Mr. Kernohan.