MC paid US$395,000

A total of nearly US$395,000 was paid to MC Restoration for the collection of more than 4,100 cars after Hurricane Ivan, the Legislative Assembly heard.

Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts told the House on Monday that since the expiration of the MC contract, local contractors had been handling the collection of cars, and that 1,707 cars had been collected and CI$77,560 paid.

Answering a question on the disposal of Hurricane Ivan-damaged cars, Mr. Tibbetts said MC Restoration had made a shipment of about 1,100 tons last year.

That had been followed by a shipment of 3,000 cars last month, said Mr. Tibbetts.

He said the government had not shipped any vehicles off island.

By contract, MC Restoration shipped the vehicles and so was the beneficiary of the shipments, he said.

‘The government has not generated any revenue from either of these shipments because we have not crushed any vehicles.’

There are still thousands of derelict vehicles and all are not just Hurricane Ivan-related because 500 to 600 vehicles became derelict each year, he said.

The government felt it would be better and more cost effective to purchase its own equipment and that is what is happening, said Mr. Tibbetts.

That equipment would crush cars and the material would be shipped, with the government deriving money from the sale, he said.

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