CAL buying Sammy’s Inn

Sammy’s Airport Inn is being acquired by Cayman Airways to be converted to its administrative offices.

Minister of Tourism Charles Clifford recently said Cayman Airways’ administration offices have been operating from nine separate locations since Hurricane Ivan destroyed it old offices on Owen Roberts Drive.

At Thursday’s quarterly Liquor Licensing Board meeting, Philip Levy, who is acting as General Manager for Sammy’s Airport Inn, told the Board that the hotel is in a transition period for acquisition by Cayman Airways and that it will probably be another six months before the airline acquires the entity.

Following the Liquor Licensing Board meeting Sammy’s Airport Inn had its probation lifted.

Speaking to the Caymanian Compass following the meeting Mr. Levy said he could not comment on what stage the sale is at and he could not comment on the price. He did say that the hotel is to be converted into an administration building.

Sammy’s Airport Inn is owned by Yasim’s Enterprises, he confirmed.

The Liquor Licensing Board meeting took place at Customs Headquarters and present were Chairman Mitchell Welds, Deputy Chairperson Lynn Bodden-Smatt, Board members Bernice Richards, Ruth Williams and Craig Nixon, Secretary Marva Scott-Dunbar, Liquor Inspector Donald Green. Chief Inspector George Watson, and Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan.

Licensee for the hotel, Mr. Majid Yasim was off-island Thursday and was represented at the meeting by Mr. Levy. The spokesperson explained that Mr. Yasim is no longer involved in the day to running of the hotel, but is now Managing Director.

Mr. Levy requested that the Board remove Sammy’s from probation, which was imposed in September 2005 because of patrons dancing on Sundays, which is against the law in the Cayman Islands.

After closed deliberations the board lifted the probation.

‘We are now operating within the confines of our licence,’ said Mr. Levy.

Although the bar is still operational, moderate level music is played and the law is strictly adhered to, he said.

Chief Inspector Watson said he was not aware of any recent incidents at Sammy’s Airport Inn.

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