Poll: Opinions split on rollover policy

The latest Caymanian Compass online poll shows opinions are split on what the Government should do with regard to the seven-year term limit, also known as the immigration rollover policy.

More respondents (122 votes, or 38 per cent) said the rollover policy should be dropped entirely than any other group.

However, more than half the respondents thought the seven-year term limit should either be enforced the way it is (82 votes, or 25.5 per cent) or only suspended until the Immigration Law review is completed and amendments made (95 votes, or 29.6 per cent).

Another 20 respondents (6.2 per cent) said they did not know what the government should do about the rollover policy, while two respondents offered other ideas.

Those who thought the rollover policy should be enforced just the way it is had the interest of Caymanians in mind.

‘The rights of the Caymanian people need to be protected,’ said one person. ‘The crux of the matter is the expats working have come here for a time but Cayman people are here for the long run.’

‘Immigration is a tricky issue,’ said another respondent. ‘Some sort of limitation is needed whether it is seven years or 10.’

Some of those who responded that the Law should be suspended until it was corrected after the review thought there should be exceptions to the rollover policy.

‘While something needs to be done about the ‘take-over’ of foreign nationals in the Cayman Islands, some categories such as caregivers/teachers should be either exempt or looked at on individual merit,’ said one respondent.

‘(The seven-year term limit) should be done with discretion,’ said another person. ‘Some people are really an asset to this country.’

Others looked at the economic implications.

‘Enforcing the seven-year term limit right now could cripple Cayman’s post-Ivan economy,’ said one respondent.

‘Who can afford to more here to replace the workers getting booted out?’ asked another respondent.

The respondents who suggested the rollover policy be dropped entirely offered some suggestions.

‘If you have great people, then keep them, but be more careful when screening in the first place,’ said one person.

‘At the very least, some grandfathering of people who have already been here for several years should be permitted,’ said another person.’

‘Review each (person) independently,’ said yet another respondent.

Others just want the government to take a firm stand.

‘Make up your mind! Find something that is actually legal and stick with it,’ said one person.

Other comments included: (Adopt) a sensible immigration policy; and Get organized!;

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