Rating the West Indies players

The culture of losing which has pervaded The West Indies Cricket Team for some time now has suscribed in no small matter to their defeat in the first test against New Zealand.Last Saturday night for three hours in my favourite kareoke bar, hope turned to optimism, to a definite reality! Then Messrs Bond, Astle and Vettori crashed the party. I still maintain my assertions prior to the first test that The WI will not lose this series. The purpose of this column is to critique the performance of the individual players.A grading scale from 1 to 10 will be used with 10 being the optimum.

Captian Shivnarine Chanderpaul (3 points) I was impressed with how the troops were led. The use of the bowlers was commendable not withstanding that for the majority of the game WI operated with only 2 specialist bowlers. He would have lost points for his inept batting.

Darren Ganga (7.5 points) excellent judgement, good temperament, delectable driving and great fielding. Lost 2.5 points for driving with an open faced bat to be caught in the arc. I was sure he had corrected that flaw.What is the saying about old habits.

Cristopher Gail (8.5 points) A welcomed return to performance matching ability. He executed the tasks demanded by the captain and more. Six wickets for 81 runs in 35 overs would have superceded all expectations for time bowler. Points were deducted for a soft second innings dismissal when he we entrenched.

Rameresh Sarwan (6 points) a solid knock in the first innings.Appeared to accept some on the field responsibility. Could possibly be the conduit between the captain and the recalcitrants.Got struct by trying to be responsible. Ironically would have gained some ground for being structin the head because of his determination to avoid hooking.

Brian Lara (3 points) Receved points for his cooperative nature only. He was obviously an integral part of the think tank. (Which I think incidentally was outstanding) Gained nothing for his batting.

Dwayne Bravo (8 points) He has exceeded all expectations playing purely as a batsman.An asset in the field. I can’t wait for him to be available with the ball.

Dwayne Smith (4 points) Credit for more than reasonable bowling in the first innings. On the debit side he seemed out of depth in the second innings.

This has raise questions about his ability to counter top class bowling.

Denesh Ramdin (1.5) A match he and I would like to forget.Brainless batting in the second innings. Two crucial misses that could be the cause of The WI defeat.

Ian Bradshaw (9.5) He delivered.What more could Chanderpaul ask from a bowler in his first test playing in a team short of two front line bowlers.

I had cogitated about his frailty and endurance. Those questions have been answered.

Fidel Edwards (3 points) He only hints at what could happen but never delivers. Two wickets for 141 runs is certainly undersubscription for the leading bowler in the team. He need to be counted as Shane Bond was.

Jerome Taylor (not rated) A hint howeverof permanancy if he can remain fit.

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