Cayman needs more attractions

I wrote once about the shortcomings and shortage of tourist attractions on Grand Cayman. I asked at the time for the persons and agencies against the introduction of dolphin attractions to come forward and list the attractions available to tourists.

The following came to my mind:

Boatswain Beach/Turtle Farm, a really wonderful new facility worthy of note;

Stingray City, over-exploited overcrowded, soon to be defunct as a result

Hell, a tourist rip-off if I ever saw one;

Pedro Castle, historically a really good facility but what has the Government done to restore this landmark almost two years after Ivan;

The Botanical Gardens, needs development, could be great.

Seven Mile Beach. Ever try to buy anything along the beach? It’s a good thing paramedics are on standby – the prices are likely to bring on palpitations or an anxiety attack.

Have I missed anything? Let me know. But I don’t think so.

That is a sad list for a country that is very dependent on the tourist industry.

Dolphin attractions have been around in Florida for a long time and there are many but whenever I have tried to see one the usual waiting time has been in excess of 45 minutes. Has this had a negative effect on Florida’s or California’s tourism product? I don’t think so. The fact is that there are millions more people who want to see them than those who are against them.

I am not necessarily for dolphin attractions but I appreciate the need in this context.

Yes there are environmental issues but these can be dealt with in a safe and friendly way.

Please all of you who are crying out against the dolphin attractions offer alternatives. This country needs them since you are being so patriotic. Maybe if you can come up with one and you can afford to develop the idea it could be well worth your while.

Also, the necessary permits for the establishment of these facilities have already been issued with the blessings of all the necessary bodies after intense and in-depth studies both here and abroad. Let us just make sure that the operators live up to the guidelines laid down to operate the facility.

I note that wetlands are still being sacrificed for development and these same persons who are so environmentally concerned are saying little about it. Could it be that it is not in their best interest to rock that boat? Hmmm!

Wayne Chin

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