Free speech allows debate

Pastor Al’s commentary (Exactly who is intolerant, Caymanian Compass, 23 March) was obviously very carefully thought out.

I appreciate his willingness to attempt to think broadly himself and to encourage us to do the same.

However, I feel it is important to acknowledge the damaging rhetoric inherent in a comparison between being gay and burglary or political corruption.

I understand the point he attempted to make, just as I understand the world-view from which he makes it (although I do not agree with either).

I also respect his right to hold his own views on such matters.

That said, these are the kinds of comparisons, metaphors, etc. that serve to fuel hatred and discrimination among those who may not be as tolerant as Pastor Al.

Free speech means that I am able to say that I respectfully disagree and to affirm that I appreciate Pastor Al, just not the logic he uses to corroborate certain ideas.

Charles D. Bush

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