Where are the chickens?

Whatever has become of the large number of chickens that populated this Island before Hurricane Ivan and even provided a tourist attraction?

Granted a number of them did perish during that storm, but I can recall seeing quite a few survivors and hearing them crow under my window each morning, not to mention the number of mother hens with numerous chicks in their wake.

I can even remember wondering aloud how they could have survived that terrible hurricane; now they have all but vanished.

I have had no information of any bird flu reaching these Islands, or of any other epidemic that would have caused their demise.

Could it be that they have fallen victim to the high cost of chicken in the supermarkets, and served as the providers of that rather healthy protein in some people’s diet?

I hardly think that they have quietly slipped through Immigration as a number of humans are alleged to have done, according to some reports in the press. So can anyone tell me what could have caused their disappearance?

Kipling Douglas

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