School zone speeders irk Minister

Cabinet Minister Arden McLean said Friday he hopes the Royal Cayman Islands Police prosecute people who speed in school zones to the limits of the law.

The Government has created 15-mile-per-hour school zones near many of Cayman’s schools. The speed limit is in effect during morning and afternoon hours when children go to and leave school

However, some motorists are ignoring the speed limit, especially near the Red Bay Primary School on Shamrock Road in the mornings, Mr. McLean said.

‘People continue to overtake other people who are doing 15 miles per hour,’ he said. ‘What is particularly distressing is they are passing in a turning lane.’

Mr. McLean said drivers are putting children at risk.

‘We have to have a little respect,’ he said. ‘Even if you don’t have it for yourself, have it for the children.

‘There must be a moral issue that transcends any law.’

Mr. McLean called the speeding and overtaking by motorists in school zones ridiculous.

‘It’s uncalled for. I appeal for those drivers to stop it.’

Many of Grand Cayman’s schools have already had school zones created by signs with flashing lights.

Mr. McLean said all of Cayman’s schools will eventually be fitted with the 15-mph zones.

He also said traffic wardens would be deployed at the schools.

Mr. McLean

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