Police target unsafe trucks

Heavy truck operators and trailer users have been given a deadline to fully comply with the law or face the consequences.

People owning utility trailers and boats have only until 18 April to have their respective trailers insured and licensed as required by law, said an RCIP press release.

And all heavy truck operators have until 1 June to ensure their vehicles are properly equipped with the correct load covers.

The move comes after the RCIP’s recent Operation Big Truck highlighted a number of problems.

The operation, carried out by officers from the Traffic Management Department, saw 34 trucks being stopped and checked with regard to health and safety traffic laws.

As a result, two people were found to have the incorrect category of licence for the vehicle they were driving.

Five trucks were found to be carrying wet material which was dripping water on the road as they travelled and five people were given verbal warnings for defective tyres, said the police.

In addition, 11 trucks were found not to have the appropriate covers.

‘The RCIP is mindful that many people have been having trouble obtaining the correct covers for their vehicle and others have been unsure of the law,’ said the release.

‘In the light of this the RCIP is giving people the chance to get their vehicles up to standard,’ it said.

‘The RCIP Traffic Management Department has many roles aside from enforcing the traffic law and one of these is driver education,’ said Chief Inspector Courtney Myles, head of the department.

‘Our main overarching aim is to make the roads of the Cayman Islands as safe as possible for those that visit, live and work here and we will do all we can to make this happen.

‘We are appealing to all people to address these very important issues without delay in order to avoid being prosecuted and taken before the court and we would appreciate the co-operation of everyone,’ he said.

Between now and the given deadlines drivers will be stopped by police and warned of the offences they are committing and also informed of the deadlines they have to rectify the problem, said the press release.

‘Anyone who fails to meet the requirements following the given deadlines will be prosecuted,’ it added.

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