Trying to set record straight

Although I have no intention of carrying on a public debate with anyone in particular, I feel constrained to do two things by way of this letter: first, to clarify my identity, and secondly, to seek clarification on how the particular ‘kinds of comparisons, metaphors, etc.’ I used in my letter published on March 23 would ‘serve to fuel hatred and discrimination.’

The fact that there are two Pastor Al Ebanks must be very confusing to John Public.

So, for clarity, Pastor Al pastors Agape Family Worship Centre and Pastor Alson the Chapel (Church of God) on Walkers Road. Pastor Al is chairman of the H.S.A; Pastor Alson once sat in the equally hot seat of chairman of the National Trust.

The writer of this letter is Pastor Alson Ebanks. Hope this helps.

Now could someone help me, please?

Charles D. Bush suggested that rhetoric, which compares being gay with burglary or political corruption is inherently damaging, and later states that ‘these are the kinds of comparisons, metaphors, etc. that serve to fuel hatred and discrimination’ (Caymanian Compass, 28 March).

What I wrote was this: ‘not all persons who oppose homosexuality and the homosexual agenda (yes, there is one) necessarily hate homosexuals, no more that any of us who hate burglary or political corruption hate all burglars or all politicians. Level-headed people know that it is still the right thing to hate what one considers to be wrong without necessarily hating those who commit the wrong.’

Since I was not sufficiently astute to anticipate the suggested inappropriateness of my comparison, would someone be kind enough to suggest what particular wrongdoing would serve as a suitable comparison?

Alson Ebanks,Pastor Church of God Chapel

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