Brac anger management course a success

Probation Aftercare Unit’s Cayman Brac office has scored a success with the completion of its first anger management programme.

Probation Aftercare Unit Manager Teresa Bowen presents a certificate of completion to a participant.

Probation Aftercare Unit Manager Teresa Bowen presents a certificate of completion to a participant of the anger management programme in Cayman Brac. Photo: Submitted

The eight-week course was led by Cayman Brac Probation Officer Alicia Roach. A completion ceremony for the four female participants was held last month at the Brac Reef Resort, said a GIS press release.

Attending the landmark ceremony from Grand Cayman’s Probation Aftercare Unit was Unit Manager Teresa Bowen and Senior Probation Officer Cleviston Hunte. Mrs Bowen presented the participants with certificates and congratulated them on their achievement.

‘I encourage you all to use these newly acquired skills to your advantage,’ she said.

Also present were representatives from Brac Haven, the Department of Children and Family Services, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, friends and family members.

During the ceremony, participants shared the benefits they received from the sessions and the positive changes the programme has had on their thinking and overall development. One of the participants indicated that her participation has not only helped her understand and cope with her anger, but also enhanced her self-esteem and interaction with her child, the release said.

All participants signed a pledge of positive change, a symbolic document with a heartfelt, positive message: ‘To use the information obtained in the group to improve my personal circumstances, with the hope that this will also benefit others whom I will have contact with. My effort to positively change is one step towards making myself, my family and my community better, now and for the future.’

The programme gave participants information about the definition and expression of anger, in order to increase their awareness of the process by which they become angry. They also were shown the benefits of controlling anger, and of developing awareness of the need to monitor their behaviour with anger-management techniques. Finally, the participants learned techniques to help them to manage anger effectively, so that they can control their anger rather than letting it control them.

Mrs. Roach said that at the request of the participants, she will continue her work with them and offer a new session that she’ll open to more participants.

‘Anger is a growing concern in many communities, and the importance of properly coping with and addressing anger is being recognised by many individuals and employees,’ she said.

Mrs. Roach is the first full-time probation officer in Cayman Brac. She has been providing pre-sentencing reports to the Court, and supervising and rehabilitating offenders into the Brac community, since September 2005.

‘Our anger management programme is beneficial to anyone and may be viewed as a preventative measure,’ she said. ‘It can be completed as individual sessions, or in a group setting.’

Mrs. Roach currently shares office space with Brac Haven at Kirkconnell Commercial Centre, but says the space is too small to accommodate larger groups. ‘If local businesses, churches or others have a conference room or larger facility we could use for evening or weekend sessions, I’d love to hear from them,’ she said.

For more information about the anger management programme, contact Mrs. Roach at 948-1521 or visit her office in Kirkconnell Commercial Centre.

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