BT Primary hosts open house

Excitement and anticipation surged through Bodden Town Primary School last Wednesday morning as students, teachers and staff prepared for a special open house to the public.

Grade 1 students

Grade 1 students on the computer.

All the crafts/artworks and slide shows that the children had worked so diligently on for the past year were neatly displayed as they awaited parents and invited guests.

But sadly enough only eight people showed up.

‘We were so disappointed,’ said Principal Buckles. ‘We so much wanted the public to see what the students had accomplished.

‘We were aware that it was a work day and it might have been difficult for some parents to make it but we thought we had given enough notice plus we had sent out flyers to all the parents.

‘We even prepared a slide show for the parents to come and see what the students had participated in over the years. But no one was there to watch it.’

Since it was the first one for the year, and parents were not too familiar with an open house, Mrs. Buckles said hopefully they will have a better turn out the next time.

Despite the poor turn out, Principal Buckles said the students had a wonderful time enjoying the activtivies and cakes and the teachers felt that the day went well.

Those who did turn out enjoyed touring the classrooms, visiting with the students and teachers and viewing the class projects on display.

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