How many attorneys in Cayman?

As of Thursday, 20 April, there were 341 attorneys in Cayman licensed to practise law in the private sector.

The figure refers to attorneys who have been admitted to the local bar and who have paid their annual practising fee for 2006, confirmed Clerk of Court Valdis Foldats.

The total does not include limited admissions – that is, attorneys who come here for a specific case rather than general practice.

Neither does the total include Solicitor General Cheryll Richards and the 12 Crown Counsel in the Legal Department, or other government attorneys. There are several in the Monetary Authority, for example.

The number of attorneys in Cayman became a topic of interest after it was raised during the ceremonial opening of Grand Court (Caymanian Compass, 9 January).

Ramon Alberga QC, senior member of the Cayman Bar, said there were 363 attorneys on the roll of those licensed to practise here in 2005.

Chief Justice Anthony Smellie cited a higher number, but included limited admissions.

The number 363 was believed to have included several duplications, as well as attorneys who were registered but who had left the islands during the year.

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