Trailer insurance deadline extended

The RCIPS is extending the deadline given for people who own boat trailers to obtain insurance for them.

The Traffic Management Department is mindful that many people were unaware of the need to insure their trailers and have had trouble obtaining the relevant cover since they became aware, said an RCIP press release.

The deadline of 18 April has now been extended until 1 June.

Inspector Adrian Barnett of the Traffic Management Department said: ‘It is important that people have this relevant insurance but we do appreciate that not everyone was aware of the need.

‘I myself now have my trailer insured and I expect others to do the same. Although we have extended the deadline until June 1 it is very important that people address this without delay.’

Between now and June drivers will be stopped by police and informed of the need to have their trailer insured and the deadline they have to get it done.

Anyone who fails to meet the requirements following the given deadline will be prosecuted, the release said.

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