Two promoted to senior civil service positions

Chief Secretary and Head of the Civil Service George McCarthy announced the promotion of two serving officers to senior positions in the Portfolio of the Civil Service, following the retirement later this year of the Chief Officer of the Portfolio of the Civil Service, Colin R. Ross.

Peter Gough, who is presently Deputy Financial Secretary in the Portfolio of Finance and Economics, has been appointed to succeed Mr. Ross as Chief Officer. Mary Elizabeth Rodrigues, presently Deputy Chief Officer in the Ministry of Education, has been appointed Chief Officer (Designate) to succeed Mr. Gough on his retirement in 2008.

‘I am very pleased indeed that the interview panel, chaired by His Excellency the Governor, recognized the wealth of talent and experience brought to the table by Mr. Gough and Mrs. Rodrigues,’ Mr. McCarthy said in a press release.

‘Both are outstanding, committed civil servants with the necessary strategic vision to continue the human resource reforms initiated so ably by Mr. Ross and now requiring to be carried to the next level with the implementation of the Public Service Management Law and Regulations on 1st January 2007.

Mr. McCarthy said there is an enormous amount of work ahead in addition to that associated with the implementation of the new legislation. He noted major reform initiatives had to be delayed due to Hurricane Ivan.

‘One such initiative is the establishment of a Civil Service College which I shall be asking Mr. Gough and Mrs. Rodrigues to move ahead with as soon as they have established themselves within the Portfolio.’

It is expected that Mr. Gough and Mrs. Rodrigues will take up their new appointments by 1 June.

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