Immigration ‘dresses down’ to support colleague

The Immigration Department has been rallying support for a friend and colleague, Senior Assistant Chief Immigration Officer Dolcy Powery, whose 18-year-old son Nicholas was diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure in September 2005.

Last Friday, the department donated money from a dress-down day to assist in funding the life-saving kidney transplant for Nicholas. Nicholas’ sister, 27-year-old Keisha Syms, was identified as his donor match in February 2006. Kidney failure is life threatening if not treated.

Immigration staff

Immigration staff show their support for colleague Dolcy Powery. Photo: Submitted

Along with family members, he will travel to Texas on 7 May for pre-operative appointments. Nicholas’ operation will take place later in the week at St. Luke’s Hospital in Houston.

‘We have been receiving tons of support from all over the Islands,’ said Ms Powery. ‘The news was devastating at first because of the uncertainty of his outcome, but we all had faith that the best path would show itself.

‘Keisha and Nicholas are an inspiration to me and all our family,’ she added. ‘I cannot express our gratitude for all the people who have and continue to show their support for my family.’


To make a donation, contact Ms Powery at 925-6549; Keisha Syms at 925-1806; or Bethany Powery at 916-4111.

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