Recyclers reach overseas

The aim of the John Gray Recyclers is to conserve the Islands’ habitats and resources. But recently their efforts have reached beyond Cayman’s shores and are assisting recyclers in the United States.

The international connections were spurred by the recyclers’ ongoing collection programme for plastic six-pack ring holders. The students collect and donate the holders to Bodden Beverages who, in turn, use the rings to convert 12-pack cases of sodas into six- packs, explained a GIS press release.

Not only does the programme help Bodden Beverages with its soda distribution, but it also helps to conserve resources and save the local landfill.

The programme was widely publicized in its initial stages, resulting in the group receiving numerous emails from persons commending them and offering assistance. Two of those emails were requests from people in the US, who queried whether the recyclers would be willing to provide rings to them as well.

Pam Testa of Ohio and Iris Brand of Georgia were both having difficulty finding large quantities of the rings for their projects. Ms Testa was working on an art sculpture and Mrs Brand was creating large, 3-D snowflakes with the six-pack rings.

Individually, the two women found the recycling group’s website on an Internet search engine, and promptly contacted the recyclers to ask if they would be able to ship some of the rings to them.

‘The response to our six-pack recycling programme has been tremendous,’ said group co-ordinator Christine Whitehead. ‘Consequently, the recyclers have become even more excited and proud about the work that they are doing.’

To date the group has sent 1,027 plastic holders to Ms Testa and 500 rings to Mrs Brand.

The group’s collection efforts were assisted by Gina Connolly’s class at the Lighthouse School and by Zach Estey a student at Triple C School.

The Lighthouse School had previously been connected with the John Gray students recycling efforts, but their involvement was disrupted by Hurricane Ivan. And Triple C School recently joined forces with the recycling group at the Cayman Islands Education Department’s Reading Fair in October 2005.

‘This collaboration proves that even though we are a small group, living in a small country, we still have a large impact,’ commented the recycling group’s president, Year 12 student Kamala Murugesu.

The public’s contribution and support is still greatly appreciated, and the public is asked to continue assisting the efforts to preserve Cayman’s environment. Six-pack soda rings and soda tabs can be dropped off at the John Gray High School in care of school secretary Marguerita Thompson, or collections can be arranged by e-mailing the recyclers at [email protected].


For more information about six-pack holder recycling, and other John Gray Recyclers’ projects, visit

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