The perseverance principle


The difference between one who succeeds and one who fails is often that one decided to persevere, (to keep going, to keep trying), while the other stopped trying.

Putting your ‘all’ into a healthy lifestyle program is an ongoing process and one that, wisdom tells us, is for a lifetime.

We never fulfill our aspirations of perfection, especially when it comes to adhering to a weight-loss program or an exercise plan. I most certainly never did in my weight loss history. That’s human.

What is really important is that you get up each day with an attitude of doing your best for that day, for that meal, for that workout.

Perseverance means keeping your health and healthy lifestyle a priority no matter what curve balls life brings your way. When Hurricane Ivan’s curve ball threw us all, one of the ways many maintained as healthy a lifestyle as possible was to keep active. Joggers and walkers took to the streets before curfew. I swam daily at Seven Mile Beach.

You have overcome in many areas of your life through the perseverance principle – maybe earned a degree or two, climbed up the corporate ladder, raised a family, recovered from an illness or earned financial status to build your own home. Persistence and perseverance were employed to help you achieve much in life.

Applying some of these principles to your weight loss, healthy lifestyle plan will help.

Integrity – do what you say you will do. Follow through.

• Practice self-confidence – do the thing you thought you could not do. Join a gym, weight loss group or walk the beach in a swimsuit.

• Become resilient – bounce back from slip-ups and disappointments. One cookie does not mean you need to make a meal of them.

• Practice adaptability – adjust to circumstances in a healthy manner. So, if the hostess serves the worst possible meal for your healthy program, practice portion control.

• Support – find support from your spouse, children, friends, fellow healthy lifestylers.

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