School registration deadline is Friday

The Department of Education is reminding parents that Friday is the final deadline for receipt of applications on behalf of children wishing to attend government schools for the academic year beginning September 2006. Applications are to be sent directly to the principal of the relevant school.

From the start of the new school year, plans to enhance the environment at George Hicks High School, by dividing the campus into four autonomous schools, will be in effect. In order to deliver maximum benefit to students, the student population of each of the four new schools is capped at a maximum of 250, said a press release from the Ministry.

As a result, available places are limited and applications for transfers of children from private schools cannot be accepted automatically.

Parents planning to register their children at Prospect Primary School are reminded that students must be living within the catchment area. Available places at Prospect Primary are limited. Parents applying to Prospect Primary School will be advised by 30 June if their applications have been successful.

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