Schools psychologist needed

There is a need for a dedicated education psychologist, Minister of Education Alden McLaughlin told the Finance Committee last month in response to a question from Cayman Brac MLA Moses Kirkconnell.

A therapist only comes to Cayman Brac once a month, and can only see five students each time, Mr. Kirkconnell said.

‘Can a therapist come based on need?’ he asked

Mr. McLaughlin said the issue of a greater need for students to talk with a therapist in Cayman Brac had been brought to his attention before, and that it was part of more general need in Cayman’s schools.

‘There is a great cry for an education psychologist,’ he said, noting that at George Hicks High School alone, 82 students had an identified need for counselling of some sort.

‘We have a major problem on Grand Cayman as well,’ he said. ‘And I acknowledge we are unable to cope with the problem right now.’

Mr. McLaughlin said there was only so much that could be done in the one year he has been in office.

‘A lot of [resolving issues] is grasping what the issue is,’ he said.

‘There is an astonishingly high number of children with special needs of one kind or another,’ he added, noting that addressing those needs would be very costly.

‘We don’t have the resources to deal with it, but we absolutely have to do it.’

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