Bonaventure boys make the grade

Bonaventure boys are successfully being reintegrated back into mainstream schools.

Bonaventure boys

Bonaventure boys with House officials show off their certificates for getting good grades at school.
Photo: Jewel Levy

This was part of the report at a small certificate giving ceremony held at the Bonaventure House recently.

According to Bonaventure Education Coordinator Michael Stewart, the communication between schools and the home have improved significantly and as a result the boys are all doing well.

‘We were able to work out an arrangement with the schools to have a member of staff supervise the boys when they are in school. When an issue arises, the boys are given a timeout period and addressed. As a result of that, we have been able to reduce a number of incidents of suspensions,’ said Mr. Stewart

‘Because the boys’ accomplishments were satisfactory we presented them with certificates and incentive gifts representing outstanding performances on an academic and social perspective.

‘Each week top boys at the home receive gifts for good performance at Bonaventure, achievements at school, performance at home and social time. At the end of the year they receive certificates for top performances.’

Of the 16 students at the home, Resident of the Year John Smith received certificates for outstanding performance in reading, outstanding performance in the vocational programme and the resident with the highest grade point average received from school.

Runner-up Rod Ramoon received outstanding behaviour at school.

John Smith received the most A’s at school and Lorenzo Wright, Anthon Morrison and Eatton Wright received certificates for Improved Academic performances.

Jason Christian and Alex Ebanks were returned to George Hicks High School.

The programme at the Home for boys ages 10 to 17 involves doing homework assignments, reading, art, academics, vocational programmes and participation in recreational activities.