Letter was honest

This letter is in response to a letter from Mrs. Joan Wilson, which appeared in the 17 August Caymanian Compass.

Dear Ms Joan, I know you well.

I said how I felt as you did.

The generation of Cayman you grew up in and now live in is miles apart from the one I have.

There is no need to lose our manners and call each other names.

My letter was how I felt and it was good to be honest and forthright with a subject most Caymanians (note I never defined Caymanians) as the issue applies to any Caymanian who will want to call Cayman home.

We need to take off our kid gloves and deal with the undercurrents, which the issue has presented for us all. That is the hallmark of a mature society and as my grandfather Harris McCoy Sr. always taught me a good understanding will bring no falling out and Caymanians need to deal with the situation, come together and move forward.

Again, I thank the Compass for putting out such position in a respected and open manner.

Otherwise persons like me night have never get the opportunity to say from my heart how I felt on the whole matter, and perhaps like so many keep it all inside and try to deal with our daily struggles.

Harris McCoy

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