Government praised for its work

Please allow me space in your valuable paper to voice my openness about this Government.

I would like to make it clear that of all the governments that have been in the House during the past 30 years, this current Government to me is the best one.

When it took office, there were a lot of issues to be looked at, especially for Caymanians; the granting of status and the Immigration Policy.

It is not surprising that those who are contesting the rollover policy don’t speak about the many that received status and said very little at that time.

Some of those who received status don’t have anything to help this country and rather are dependant only on a little work or the Government to help.

This Government has inherited a big mess that has to be sorted out and I say it is doing a wonderful job.

Anything this country needs, which is priority, the Government does its best to get it through in the best interests of the people of these islands.

Remember, the PPM Government only commenced just over one and a half years ago.

In such a short time it has done more than all the governments put together.

But remember also, it cannot clean up the mess in four years and it cannot please all of the people at one time.

However, it will see good results at the end of the four-year term.

This Government is working endless hours to try and put this country back in the hands of the native Caymanians.

It has been far too long otherwise and it is time for the Caymanian to stand up and be recognized in his own country and work along with this Government to put Caymanians back together.

Keep up the good work Mr. Kurt Tibbetts, Mr. Alden McLaughlin, Mr. Charles Clifford, Mr. Arden McLean, Mr. Anthony Edna and our Lady Speaker Mrs. Enda Moyle. I thank you all for a wonderful work done in the short period of time.

I will conclude by saying what Columbus told the Arawaks when they came running toward him with spears and arrows when he landed on the shores of Hispaniola.

Columbus said these words: ‘If you are friend we will greet you as friend; if you are enemies, we must fight.’

Lorenzo Berry

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