It all starts with education

Here’s a solution to the employment and rollover problem: at five years of age a child should be tested and matched to all jobs held by ex-pats.

At that point their education and life-style can be spent training for the position.

At the age of 16 they will work along side the ex-pat and train until they are 18 and at this point the ex-pat will relinquish their job to the 100 per cent work ready Caymanian, who will hold this position until they are 65 and retire where another life-trained Caymanian (or ex-pat if a Caymanian is not available) will take the position.

This guarantees 100 per cent Cayman employment and a firm knowing from the start the rollover program date for the expat.

Now let’s stop passing out a well rounded education to the youth of Cayman and start bartender training at six years old!

Sounds silly, yes, but sometimes you need a little humour when addressing a major problem such as this.

Education is the key. Educate the young, instill a good work ethic and allow a few good role models of hard working expats to round out society based on their work and lifestyle merit and not a time limitation and Cayman will thrive.

Chase them away and Cayman is indeed at its own mercy with new third rate citizens who are not wanted in their own country holding expat jobs and instilling their life and work habits in the youth and the future of the Cayman Islands.

Education, education and education: the three key elements in improving this situation.

All the best to the Cayman Islands.

Jim Mihalic –Seminole, Florida USA

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