Today’s Editorial September 04: Bring back Rum Point Ferry

We lost so much to Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.

And while the country has done a great job of recovery, there are still some things that are still missing and missed.

One of them is the Rum Point Ferry.

We understand the devastating blow the Hyatt took when the hurricane hit.

Not only did it ruin the Hyatt hotel on Seven Mile Beach, but it destroyed 90 per cent of Rum Point Club Restaurant, which had been a popular spot for evening dinner.

The ferry service also took a hit.

Rum Point is a beach resort on the North of the island, which is run by the Hyatt Hotel.

It’s an absolutely breathtaking spot on Grand Cayman favoured by residents and visitors.

The ferry ran a service several times a day to the resort from the Hyatt Hotel dock on Seven Mile Beach.

The ferry wasn’t just for tourists. Residents in North Side used the ferry to take advantage of the 30-45 minute ride to West Bay to visit friends, shop or play. And West Bayers used the ferry to get to Rum Point for the same reasons.

It’s good that talks have begun on the re-opening of the restaurant and the future of the ferry service.

Naturally, we would like to see the ferry service restored.

We just have too many fond memories of taking the boat across. With the increase in population and traffic on Grand Cayman those who live in West Bay or North Side think twice before jumping in the car to visit family, friends or beaches on the other side of the island.

What was once a fun trip across the water has become a tedious trip via car.

We understand that returning the ferry service will be a purely business decision. Fuel prices have skyrocketed and if the Hyatt did re-instate the service there would probably be a fee attached to the ride.

No more free trips.

The bottom line is the Hyatt is getting plenty of people to visit Rum Point without running the ferry.

Good for the Hyatt, but bad for our sense of nostalgia.

Stopping the ferry and closing the nightly restaurant were the right decisions to make following Ivan.

Unfortunately, for us, the results of the ferry not running seem to be showing that it is not actually essential for a good daytime business at Rum Point.

But who knows about night trips and what influence they would have on the reopening of the restaurant?

Whatever decision is made it will probably be the right one. We’re just wishful thinking and revelling in the memories of day and night trips across North Sound.

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