Immigration amendments next week

The public will learn the long awaited proposed amendments to the Immigration Law next Wednesday when the Government tables a discussion draft in the Legislative Assembly.

Cabinet Minister Charles Clifford told the attendees at the Cayman Islands 6th Annual Tourism Conference that the public will then have one month to suggest changes to the draft legislation.

Afterwards, a Green Bill will be tabled in the House, taking into consideration any public input the Government decides to incorporate into the law.

Some of the key provision the Government said it looked at when drafting the proposed amendments include: the guidelines for who can apply for exempted employee status and therefore not be subject to the seven-year-term limit; the point system for determining who can qualify for permanent residency; and the length of time a person who has reached the term limit or been denied permanent residency has to leave before he or she can reapply for a work permit.

The Government has said it is making the amendments to mitigate the effects of the current version of the law, which came into effect on 1 January 2004.

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