Ganja brownies at John Gray

Seven students at John Gray High School became ill after eating brownies laced with ganja Friday.

The 15-year-old female student responsible for supplying the tainted brownies, which she had brought to school with her, was suspended from school and was subsequently arrested by police on suspicion of possession and consumption of ganja.

Education Minister Alden McLaughlin expressed his disappointment following the incident.

‘This is a matter of the utmost seriousness,’ he said. ‘This sort of irresponsible behaviour could carry dire consequences, and it can not be tolerated in our schools.’

Mr. McLaughlin expressed his frustration at the occurrence of the incident in the midst of a transformation of the education system, which he said is winning increasing public support as it gathers momentum.

‘Our reform process is currently yielding so many positive developments, that this news is both a shock and a disappointment,’ he said. ‘However we will not allow antisocial behaviour to dampen morale or cast a shadow over progress.’

John Gray School Principal Debbie McLaughlin reported that the students who had eaten the ganja brownies were seen by the school’s on-site nurse, after each complained about feeling ill. When the cause of their sickness became apparent, the students’ parents were called immediately.

The ill students were picked up from school and some were taken to hospital. All have since been released.

The Family Support Unit and Schools Liaison Officer are currently investigating the incident.

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