Today’s Editorial September 18: Roadway deaths must cease

Eleven deaths on the roads of Grand Cayman this year.

That’s 11 precious lives lost too many.

This time we didn’t lose a teenager. We lost a young man with a family who had his toehold firmly in life’s place.

We don’t know what happened early Friday morning to cause the wreck that killed the 33-year-old man.

We do know that the call came in around 2.20 in the morning from someone who saw the wreck on Shamrock Road near the Cable and Wireless Spotts exchange.

We do know that when police arrived there they found a smashed Daihatsu Sirion and a deceased driver.

Now the police are searching for witnesses and answers.

Did you see anything? Do you know anything about the wreck? If so, please give the police a hand by calling PC Ivan Wedderburn at 926-1671. They need all the help they can get.

Police have already sent their condolences to the young man’s family and so do we.

Many of us on Grand Cayman knew the victim of Friday morning’s crash and that makes it all the more painful.

Following the accident the police did what they had to do to carry out a proper investigation; they closed the road.

While it may have been an inconvenience for those who were out driving on that particular stretch of road in the wee hours of the morning, it was necessary.

Police owe it to the victim, his family and friends to do all they can to preserve the scene and vital evidence needed during an investigation.

While it may have been an inconvenience to the living, we must all remember to be patient under such circumstances and let the police do their job without interference.

It’s really silly to think about someone being inconvenienced by the investigation of someone’s death. How dare we, the living, begrudge the closing of a road for two hours so police can try to come up with some answers to give to family and friends of a young man who has just lost his life?

It’s tragic that this well-liked and loved young man has left this Earth. Everyone who knew him will truly miss him.

We hope that police are successful in coming up with some determination of what happened on Shamrock Road early Friday morning.

Again, we don’t know the circumstances that caused the wreck.

But we hope those who are still able to get behind the wheel of a vehicle take it as a lesson and use extreme caution while driving, day or night.

We’ve mourned too many who have died in car accidents this year, and it’s only September.

This loss, as were the others, was tragic.

Please let it be the last.

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