Poll: still recovering from Ivan

More than 22 per cent of the respondents of the latest caycompass.com online poll either said their lives are still in a complete mess two years after Hurricane Ivan, or that their personal recovery had a long way to go.

Even respondents who reported they were mostly or fully recovered from the hurricane complained about the higher costs of living now.

Hurricane Ivan

A man cuts down a tree trunk felled by Hurricane Ivan in this Compass file photo. Two years later, many are still on the road to recovery.

Of the 278 people who responded to the two-week poll, 21 (7.6 per cent) said their life was still a complete mess, while 41 people (14.7 per cent) said they had recovered some, but still had a long way to go.

‘Life will never be the same in Cayman,’ said one respondent.

‘I am an expat married to a Caymanian,’ said another person. ‘We lived in a rented apartment and lost everything we owned, except for birth certificates, marriage certificates and passports. Material things can be replaced, but memories, such as a lifetime of travels and pictures, cannot.’

Insurance came up in the comments of several respondents.

‘I was insured – or not – by Dyoll,’ said one person of the failed Jamaican insurance company.

‘No insurance settlement yet from an on-island insurance firm,’ said another person.

‘We have recovered, but financially we are struggling,’ said someone else. ‘We have not been able to insure our house this year. So on one hand we have recovered, and on the other hand, we have not.’

Seventy-seven people (27.7 per cent) said they were fully recovered, while 104 respondents (37.4 per cent) said they were mostly recovered, but still feeling some effects from Hurricane Ivan.

Another 35 respondents (12.6 per cent) said they were not here for the hurricane.

One person who said he or she was mostly recovered said the term recovery was relative. ‘We still have loads to do and no time to do it, but it’s all such a luxury compared to 18 months ago, and compared to how others are still living today.’

Other comments included:

‘Financially, I’m not quite there, but this has been compounded by the post-Ivan cost of living. Mentally and emotionally, I feel I’ve finally recovered,’ said one person.

‘Physically we are mostly done, but psychologically, Cayman will always be pre-or-post-Ivan to me,’ said another person.

‘I see many, many people are still suffering and nothing is being done,’ said yet another person.

One expatriate, who said their life was in a complete mess, took exception to the rollover policy.

‘We went without power, water or help for six months, as we helped rebuild the island, and now are being kicked off for our efforts. Thanks for nothing Cayman.’

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