Is your weekend a weak-end?

A common theme amongst many aspiring to a healthier lifestyle – especially those with weight loss in mind – is the challenge of handling weekends.

We’ve often laughed and called them ‘weakends’. Here’s a look at some of the challenges that face us when the Friday gong occurs and offers some tips on how to cope these challenges.

Weekends signal the end of the work week, at least for most people. The traditional Friday happy hour sounds the bell for relaxation, indulgence, socializing and letting the stresses of the week melt.

For many, it signals the slow decline into habits that discredit the week’s worth of salads, workouts and good intentions. Most people are familiar with the Monday morning new-starts in dieting and healthy living.

Weekends also bring a change of routine with less structure and more time at home for working individuals. This can create challenges to people who become bored or lackadaisical with too much spare time on their hands.

Weekends are also a time of traditional family get-togethers. Driving through most districts on a Sunday, the wonderful aromas of island-style foods can make your mouth water. The popular Sunday brunches offer tempting alternatives as well.

Keeping yourself in line during the weekends is simply a matter of pre-planning and exercising a moderate amount of discipline. These tips may help the weight-conscious to enjoy weekends without expanding their waistlines.

Live one day at a time. If you overindulge Friday night, implement damage control for Saturday and Sunday by drinking lots of water and getting in some physical activity on Saturday.

For weekend stay-at-homers, plan recreational activities that will keep you from being bored. Set a meal and snack schedule and stick with it. Avoid stocking up on easy-to-munch junk foods.

For the weight-conscious, save special meals and indulges for the weekend and practice moderation.

Plan ahead for social events and dinners. Eat moderately during the day before dinner out. Alternatively, if your larger meal is during the day, eat less at night.

A healthy practice for many is to drink alcohol only on weekends and then in moderation.

Use the weekends as an opportunity to be physically active. Take your family to the Botanical Park for a Saturday afternoon walk or go snorkeling and beach walking along Seven Mile Beach.

Feeling good is important. Enjoying life is important. By practicing moderation in all areas, we can have our cake and eat it too. Happy and healthy living.

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