Mass exodus is prophetic

I look forward like so many other Caymanians who are living abroad to find out about the latest happenings in Cayman.

I am just reminding everyone of the prophetic words mass exodus of expats that would take place by December 2006.

This was a good letter to the editor by David (I don’t know him). I pray that we (Caymanians) will wake up and realise that no man is and island to or by himself.

As the writer has stated, many business, rentals, sales and families are going to be affected.

I pray that marriages between native Caymanians and expats will survive due to all the division and nationality bashing because no one (nation or people) enjoys being targeted, isolated or rejected by others.

I pray that God will intervene in a supernatural way and peace can be restored among all between now and December….Cayman might just be half empty by January 2007 if Jesus does not return.

If new permits will be issued to new persons what will these new permit holders be called? Will they not be expats also? This is not pointed to Immigration; this is for Cayman on a whole. Think about it.

Bishop Juliette Fagana

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