Two drive to educate

Two young Caymanian men are on a drive to make the roads of Cayman safe.

Luijaney Boucher and Troy Brady

Luijaney Boucher, left, and Troy Brady with their modified vehicles. Photo: Jewel Levy.

Luijaney Boucher and Troy Brady formed the awareness programme Import Projektz to assist in stemming the growing number of road fatalities.

Import Projektz aims to educate and demonstrate to young and mature drivers the importance of safe and proper road use.

It also aims to bring together friends, family and individuals interested in customizing their vehicles for the purpose of showing them and attending related organised events put together for car enthusiasts.

The non-profit educational programme, designed with specific standards in mind, promotes general road safety, responsible road use, integrity, driving skills and service to the community.

The group also hopes to work with the police, insurance and various companies to promote the cause.

‘We would like to direct all drivers, especially those with the ‘itch’ to race to take advantage of the Breakers Speedway currently being constructed specifically for the purposes of racing. This will be a positive step towards reducing the number of speed-related accidents and fatalities on our roads today,’ said Luijaney Boucher.

The group recently staged a motorcade where car lovers showed off their modified vehicles. The drive show started at Seven Mile Beach, wound its way around the island and ended up at Kaibo beach for a day of fun and refreshments.

‘It is shows like these that we are hoping to get the word across to young drivers that they can modify their cars but also be responsible in driving it,’ he said.

Current membership comprises of Vice President Shane Pinaedo, treasurer Dwayne Dixon, marketing director Troy Brady and the club’s Ambassador Christopher Gourzoung.

The group would like to thank its sponsors Fotzu Racing, Team UFO, Drive Slow, Tony’s Toys, Tony’s Jerk, Ambassador Enterprise and one silent partner.