4B healthy and happy

4B, the baby manatee rescued off the shore of West Bay early August, is healthy and happy in his new home in Lowry Park Zoo, Tampa.

Jeremy Olynik, of the Department of Environment, visited 4B last weekend during a trip to Tampa.

‘They are taking really good care of him and you can tell that all of the workers there are pretty attached to the little guy,’ he said, adding that carers say he is ‘smart’ with ‘quite the personality’.

4B, who is an Antillian manatee, was just two weeks old when he was found, severely dehydrated, in the shallows. It is still unknown how he came to be in Cayman, separated from his mother.

He has been suffering from a skin ailment, however is recovering quickly, Mr. Olynik said.

4B’s carers hope to send him to a specialist manatee centre in Puerto Rico in spring 2007, which caters specifically to Antillian manatees. The long-term plan is to eventually release him back into the wild in the next few years.

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