Beginner’s Referee Course is success for CIFA and CIRA

In what is described as a success the CIFA/CIRA Beginner’s Referees Course ended on October 19th. Mr. Fred Speirs, a CIFA Referee Instructor/Assessor, who conducted the course with assistance from Mr. Livingston Bailey, newly appointed CIFA Referee Instructor/Assessor, commented that seven individuals participated, from which five achieved exceptionally good marks on their final assessment, and that ‘They were very enthusiastic, asked a lot of questions and were great fun to work with. I wish to congratulate all of them’.

At the same time, Mr. Speirs encouraged more individuals to become qualified referees and stated that what he would like to see in the future is “more of the current footballers or even young Caymanians to come and work with us as Referees. At the moment, we are lacking in this area; most of the players, when they finish their career as footballers, don’t want to get involved in the game anymore. It would be very nice if some of the youngsters in or coming out of high school would become interested in refereeing as I think there are a lot of possibilities ahead for them. If they qualify when they are still young, then they will have many years to build up their experience’.

When asked about the current standard of refereeing in the Cayman Islands, Mr. Speirs declared, ‘I think that because we have an assessment program going on at the moment, we can point out to the referees what their strengths and weaknesses are immediately at the end of the game, therefore we can provide them with guidelines on what they can do to improve themselves. With this kind of assistance the standard of refereeing will improve to a great extent’.

Mr. John Clarke, a newly certified Referee who achieved a 92% on his final assessment, the highest of his group, commented on the quality of the course and instructors, ‘It was a very well organized course. The Instructors were very proficient and clear on presenting the course and the questions addressed to us, and were also very flexible and helpful regarding our time constrictions, since we are all working. I highly commend them. My only concern is that it was a little tight regarding the schedule. I would definitely like to be part of a follow up course, in order to reach FIFA standards, if possible’.

For further information on future courses, contact the CIFA office at 949-5775, by email at [email protected] or call CIRA’s President Alfredo Whittaker at 917 4843.

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